Mar 13

Numbers 10-11
Psalm 68:1-18
John 8


Emery Jo said...

This chapter in Numbers (11) always speaks to me.

How often do I romanticize the past? How often do I forget what the Lord has done for me and begin craving other food?

The people thought that meat would satisfy them. But it didn't. This chapter reminds me that a feeling of discontentment ALWAYS signals a greater problem in my heart. The thing that I think I crave will always leave me feeling MORE EMPTY.

Discontentment is never about the object I desire, but my HEART. May I never become ungrateful for the things you've done for me, Lord! If I have You, I have everything!

stina said...

so true. and i hope to find and live in JOY in the now

Rachael said...

My footnotes pointed out something I might have overlooked otherwise: the people complained and God became angry, Moses complained and God did something about it. The difference was that Moses brought his troubles to God while the people complained amongst themselves. We can't stop ourselves from ever being discontent but we can take our problems to the only one who can fix them as well as adopt the view that you pointed out Emery... that discontent signals deeper needs than what we may realize. Now, to actually put this into practice is another story :/

Rachael said...

Also, how cool is it that this Psalm corresponds to the same chapter we read that day in Numbers (the first lines of the Psalm and Numbers 10:35 are so similar)!