One Month Check-In!

Hello everyone!!

Just a quick note to say
happy ONE MONTH day!

You all have been reading the Bible everyday for a whole month! Woo, doggie! That's so insanely amazing!

I thought that now would be a good time to check-in with one another... to see who's still plugging away (or who's still desiring to even if you're not 100% caught up! That's great too.)

How is it going for you guys? What have been your greatest challenges in reading? What have been your greatest joys while reading?

Any cool stories of what God has done in this month? Any suggestions for this site or things you'd like to see more of? How are the prayer groups going?

I have been blessed by you all, and am SO thankful for you. I can honestly say that I could not have made it this far without you. Your insights have really helped me along the way!

So... great job, everyone! you're doing awesome! :)

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Jan 31

Exodus 6-7
Psalm 28
Mark 7


Jan 30

Exodus 4-5
Psalm 27
Mark 6


Jan 29

Exodus 2-3
Psalm 26
Mark 5


Jan 28

Exodus 1
Psalm 25
Mark 4


Featured Reader: Katie !

1. What is your 'God Story'?
My God story is that I was raised in a "believing, but not practicing" home and got serious with Jesus right before I left to attend a Nazarene university. At first I believed everything the school taught me and I became a huge feminist and didn't want to get married or anything. I got really off track with my views, until having a crazy summer with God where He showed me how real He was. I took a road trip with my friends to Nashville for an event where there was a day of prayer in a football stadium and on the whole way there we worshipped God and I was able to encounter angels, hear God's voice for the first time, get physically healed from an incurable disease I had, and God taught me how to prophesy. I wasn't going to a charismatic church or anything, I just wanted more of Jesus and after fasting before that road trip, that's what God presented me with and I've never been the same since :) Now I want to encounter God every day, even if it's just hearing Him say one thing. I don't know if I could be a Christian without feeling Him ever day now.

2. What are you asking God for?
At this time in my life I'm honestly asking God for a family. I've had dreams and visions of my future daughter and you really begin to miss someone you see a lot in your dreams. I know the man I'll marry (although we're still on a friends level) so it feels like something that's real and within my reach, but it's just not God's timing. After being such a feminist in college, God healed that and restored me back to what He wants for my life. More than anything I want to raise five children and help them to encounter Jesus. I want to be one of the women the Bible speaks of who is a complete helpmate to her husband. While I'm home with my family I want to start a magazine about miracles God's doing throughout the world to encourage the Body and keep us in our childlike faith :) I want to use my gifts while being busy with my family.

3. What helps you stay on task with your reading?
Seeing everyone's comments helps me stay on task because it feels like constant accountability. Also, the fact that there's not an hour of reading, or anything crazy like that. It's manageable and I try to have order by doing it the same time each day so there's some consistency.

4. What is your church life like?
My church life has consisted of church-hopping since I just moved back home after graduating, but I found somewhere in Orange County that I love and will keep going when I move up there in a few months. Church is where I feel covered spiritually, where I feel protected and secure. I love the home group I attend each week because I feel like I can finally breathe when there people who are hungry for God around me. Honestly, there are a lot of churches I've been to in the last year, and it is hard attending a place where people don't feel free to dance or encounter God. Church for me has to be somewhere where I can celebrate the Lord.

5. Any funny, random facts you'd want to share?
Yes, I love nail pollish--I'm obsessed with OPI (seriously, check it out). I'm sort of vegan, but still trying to give up sweets, and I love learning more about eating healthy. I just went snowboarding with all my guy friends and told them I was totally capable, even though I hadn't been in ten years. They ended up taking me down the steepest mountain and I ate it all the way down, with my makeup ending up halfway down my face to where it looked like I couldn't handle it and had been crying. I decided just to fall all the way down and even got a lovely compliment from a girl that came up to me and said, "Wow, that was an awesome face plant."

Thank you so much, Katie! What an encouraging story you have! It reminds me that God can do anything.... so amazing!

Check out Katie's awesome blog right here ! :)

Jan 27

Genesis 49-50
Psalm 24
Mark 3


Jan 26

Genesis 47-48
Psalm 23
Mark 2


Jan 25

Genesis 45-46
Psalm 22:19-31
Mark 1


Jan 24

Genesis 43-44
Psalm 22:1-18
Matthew 27-28


Jan 23

Genesis 41-42
Psalm 21
Matthew 26


Jan 22

Genesis 39-40
Psalm 20
Matthew 25


Jan 21

Genesis 37-38
Psalm 19:7-14
Matthew 24


Jan 20

Genesis 36
Psalm 19:1-6
Matthew 23


Jan 19

Genesis 34-35
Psalm 18:25-50
Matthew 22


Jan 18

Genesis 32-33
Psalm 18:1-24
Matthew 21


Featured Reader: Laura!

1. how did you come to know God?

I accepted God into my heart when I was three years old. I attended a Christian preschool and the few memories I still have from those years are sweet. My dad passed away when I was four and I already had a foundation of God's love and peace. Faith has always come easier to me than most people; it's a simple stillness in my heart that stems from my childhood. I just, simply, know. I was quite active in Christian youth activities throughout my school years. Most of my best friends are amazing people that I knew from church, rather than school. Of course, life's difficulties change and multiply with age, and since leaving school, it's been more of a challenge for me to stay connected with God. I can't say that I don't struggle with being close to Him. I just know that my life is a lot better when I am.

2. what god did in 2009? what do you hope for in 2010?
2009 was a particularly trying year but I came out of it feeling more blessed than I had in a long time. I spent exactly half the year suffering from a quite miserable vertigo & dizzyness; my husband continues on the long path of a potential diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. My toddler son, bless his heart, is perfectly healthy and for that I fall on my face nightly with praise. In 2010 my goals are simple: I want to walk in the light with Jesus, as far and as long and as close as I can. I want to commit my life to Him daily and breathe Him in every morning and night. I want God to teach me how to hear Him. And I want to face our storms fearlessly, knowing with full faith that we are taken care of. I am beyond excited about what our online "bible study" group is doing in our lives and maybe even the lives of others looking in.

3. what helps you stay on task with your reading?
I have a little routine: most nights I enjoy a hot bath, and that has become my Bible reading time. On the nights I don't get a bath, I end up closing myself into the bathroom anyway and sitting on the floor to spend my time with Jesus. I've started a prayer journal to keep track of all of the prayer requests from my small group that Em set up, plus praises or prayers from anything else in my life. I also keep a journal of verses that stand out to me after each reading. So into the bathroom comes my Bible, my prayer journal, my journal of Bible verses, a pen, a highlighter, and my cell phone. I read the passages first, then I get on the website on my phone and check out the comments already posted. I ponder everything for a bit, then return to the passages and write down the verses I feel are speaking to me. Then I open my Bible, open my prayer journal, and talk to Jesus for a while. Most importantly, I've been trying to LISTEN to him during this time as well. Finally, I highlight that night's reading on the year printout, check the website again for any additional comments or to add my own, and talk to Jesus again if I feel the need. :)

4. what is your church life like?
I'm SO glad you asked about this, because it's one of the biggest prayer requests on my heart. Despite being active through most of my life in the church, and living in the same town I've grown up in, we are in need of a church community. I've been asking God to open our hearts and opportunities and guide us on this search. It's been particularly difficult since the birth of my son, as he's been in "nursery age" and I don't quite feel comfortable dropping him off in a strange church while we "check it out", but I know God will lead us in the right direction in His time. We've been fortunate enough to attend church services occasionally at the church my husband grew up in - but it's 45 minutes away. We need a place for us. Please pray if you can!

5. funny, random facts?
I love sports and Coca-Cola and shopping and photography and those Hostess apple pies that have a bazillion calories. I work at a job that I think God carved out just for me. It has very little to do with my degree (which is computer science) but I occasionally help with conceptual development which I enjoy much more than programming, plus I get to play with Photoshop for a paycheck. My son has my blue eyes and my eyebrows. I minored in Spanish and I'm semi-fluent but rusty. Pink is my favorite color and I always crave cheese... and pickles.

Thank you so much, Laura! You are so very lovely.

You can find Laura's blog over at www.everypath.org!

Jan 17

Genesis 31
Psalm 17
Matthew 20


Jan 16

Genesis 30
Psalm 16
Matthew 19


Jan 15

Genesis 28-29
Psalm 15
Matthew 18


Jan 14

Genesis 27
Psalm 14
Matthew 16-17


Jan 13

Genesis 25-26
Psalm 13
Matthew 15


Jan 12

Genesis 24
Psalm 12
Matthew 14


Jan 11

Genesis 22-23
Psalm 11
Matthew 13


Jan 10

Genesis 20-21
Psalm 10
Matthew 12


Featured Reader: Rachael !

I'd like you all to meet our first featured reader, Rachael!

I asked Rachael a few questions so we could get to know her better. :)

1. The story of You & God:

I was 5 when my dad led me through my first prayer to accept God into my heart. I was fourteen when my faith became truly mine but it wasn't until I was 18 that I was truly tested. I was surrounded by non-believers as an undergrad and while no one tempted me away from God, it seemed harder and harder to make time for the word and fellowship. Since then, I've gotten into the habit of trying to do life on my own, forgetting that there is Someone who loves me and wants to carry my burdens. I've just moved from California to upstate NY and the move to a new, strange (and cold) place was the last push necessary to get me to start making the changes I needed to... I've found a church, joined a small group and this blog.

2.What did God do in 2009? What are your hopes for 2010?
In 2009, God demanded I stop putting Him on the back-burner. It became abundantly clear that to live my life for anything but Him was not going to fill that proverbial hole in my heart. There were many times I felt alone, powerless and depressed. It was at those same times that I was reminded of what could change those feelings. I was reminded what I was craving and what I could have. He also sent me here, to upstate NY. In 2010 I hope to return to a close bond with my creator. I want to start and end each day with meditation on His plan for me. I want to think of others more, stop stressing out and get really involved in church.

3. Any tips for how to stay on track with the readings?
It's hard to say what keeps me on task reading since I've just started... I might be better able to answer it in a few months but I can tell you what's worked the past couple days. When I wake up, the thought of reading God's word makes me excited because I know the peace I have after each reading and I love having something to think about each day. It makes every day epically different despite the same routines. And having that reading be a bite-sized chunk means it's no longer overwhelming, as it has felt in the past. And I sit in front of my space-heater and that helps.

4. What does church life look like for you now?
The church I'm currently attending is The Father's House in Rochester, NY (http://www.tfhny.org/). I'm pretty new there and so I'm still feeling it out. I like some aspects of mega-churches, for example how there are lots of ways to get involved, so many people to meet and always constant events but I also miss my home church of PBCC (http://www.pbcc.org/) where people knew me and cared about me and it felt more like a community.

5. Any funny, random facts you're willing to share with us?
I've been in a straight-jacket (don't worry, I was five and didn't want stitches so I tried to run away from the hospital). I've moved every three years until I was 19 and I flew from LA to SF every other weekend for the four years of high school to see my dad and brother. I love photography (love, love, love) but I'm getting my PhD in Neuroscience (go figure!). I collect tiny things, love toasters and The Mountain Goats.


Thanks for answering my questions, Rachael!

Oh, and you all MUST MUST check out Rachael's amazing photography. COMPLETELY INCREDIBLE!!

Jan 9

Genesis 18-19
Psalm 9
Matthew 11


Jan 8

Genesis 16-17
Psalm 8
Matthew 10


Jan 7

Genesis 13-15
Psalm 7
Matthew 9


Ironing Things Out!

I have received some GREAT suggestions from some of you, and I am so thankful for the input!

First off, some of you have mentioned setting up a space for you to be able to relay prayer requests to one another (besides the comments section). I think this is a great idea! Here were some thoughts:

1. I've set-up a Gadget in the sidebar that would display any prayer requests (through Twitter) that have the hash tag #365truth. We can try it out and see how it works, but I'm thinking it won't appeal to all of you to share in that way. Maybe it's too public, or you want nothing to do with Twitter. Please let me know your thoughts on this!

2. Another great suggestion from Charlotte was that we break up into smaller 'prayer groups' that stay in touch via email and share requests that way. I'm thinking it would be groups of 5-7 of you, and I can arrange those for you guys if you'd like! I think this would be a great way to go deeper in some of this stuff and get to know one another better, as well as increasing accountability.

Leave me a comment letting me know what appeals more to you. Maybe none of these appeal to you and you have some different ideas?

If you're interested in breaking up into smaller groups for prayer, shoot me an email @ emerybored at aol dot com. I will arrange some groups for all who want to do that! No pressure, though... if you'd rather not participate in that, that's totally fine too.

Oh, and thanks to all of you who have sent in pictures!! I've set it up to where you can click on anyone's photo on the right and it will take you to their blog (if they have one).

You guys are awesome!!


Jan 6

Genesis 11-12
Psalm 6
Matthew 8


Jan 5

Genesis 9-10
Psalm 5
Matthew 7


Items of Business.

Hey guys! I thought I would make a little button in case you wanted to share this idea on your own websites. It should be small enough to fit in your sidebars (let me know if it's not), or you can just insert it into a post page. Just copy and paste the code below!




It's not too late to join us!

I am so excited about the response to this idea, and I think we are all in for quite the ride! I don't know about you guys, but I am already feeling my heart come alive as I read each day...


I would love to foster a sense of community here, even though we come from all different places, so I was thinking it might be cool to have a collection of pictures of those of us who are committing to the year! If you guys want to be included in that, email me one picture of yourself to emerybored at aol dot com and I will put something together in the sidebar of this blog so we can see eachother's smiling faces as we go!

Last, I was thinking of highlighting some of you along the way-- just a little blurb about you and what reading God's Word is doing in your life and whatever other silly info or tidbits you'd like to share with all of us- maybe once a week or so. Let me know if you guys are up for that as well when you send me your picture. I will contact you individually before I highlight you and you can send me whatever info about yourself that you'd be willing to share with us! It will be a fun way of getting to know each other, I think!


Thanks again- let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions!

-emery :)

Jan 4

Genesis 7-8
Psalm 4
Matthew 6


Jan 3

Genesis 5-6
Psalm 3
Matthew 5


Jan 2

Genesis 3-4
Psalm 2
Matthew 3-4


Jan 1

Genesis 1-2
Psalm 1
Matthew 1-2

Introduction- the Bible in One Year- 2010

Thank you all for joining with me as I read through the Bible this year! I am so excited to do this with you guys- and I know it will bring so much richness to this new year. It will be so helpful to know that I am not alone in doing this- that I have all of you studying alongside of me from all different places and walks of life!

I am using the reading plan from this site- following the 'daily reading bible' track. You can have the daily verses emailed to you, or you can subscribe to a feed, or you can even export the reading schedule to your iCal. I think we should all print out the schedule and stick it inside our Bibles so we don't need to be by our computers in order to check which verses we're meant to read each day. Everyday we will read from the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Psalms.

I've read through the Bible once before, but it was just straight through from beginning to end, so I am excited about trying this new method. I think it will break things up a bit more.

Every day I will post the chapters to be read. Our interaction will happen in the comments section of those posts, and I may post things in between that are relative or helpful to what we are reading at the time. (If you guys find things you would like to see posted along the way, email me @ emerybored at aol dot com.)

My suggestions are these:

- Grab some friends around you that you do day to day life with and get them to join you!
- Find a good study Bible with helpful study notes that you can refer to along the way, or pick up a Bible Commentary or Concordance you can use alongside any Bible to help you dig deeper into what you're reading.
- Get a notebook to jot down favorite verses, thoughts, or questions that come up along the way!
- Use this blog to converse with us and find support and different takes on what we're reading... the more you contribute, the better the experience will be!

So, let's get started! Please let me know if you have any suggestions for this whole idea as we go along! We can tweak this as we need to in order to get the most out of this whole process.

I pray that God blesses each of you beyond your biggest hopes this year as you commit to reading His words this year. I know that He will!!