April 10

Deuteronomy 25-27
Psalm 92
Acts 16

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molly june. said...

i love the story of the jailer. after being beaten for casting out a demon, paul & silas were still excited about God & able to praise Him! (oh, to have been in that jail & to have witnessed all of this!)

no matter what the circumstance we need to praise God. God hears their praise & tears down the walls of the prison! (& the enemy is probably so confused, right?)

& on top of that, the jailer & his entire family are saved!! this reminds me to praise God no matter how i feel. He is worthy of praise no matter what. & we don't know where the story of our day is going to go. we just need to be willing & ready.

God responds to the praises of his people. he will set you free. literally! :)

take that, satan!