Featured Reader: Erin!

Erin was sweet enough to answer some questions I sent her recently and I find myself so inspired by her walk (run?) with God. He is doing mighty things in her heart and I am so grateful to know she is out there reading along with me!! :) So encouraging!

1. What is your first memory of God?
I know I asked Jesus into my heart as a little girl... I don't remember exactly when. But I grew up in the church and I have very early memories of me sitting in Sunday school singing songs about Jesus. But the first time I ever "felt" God was when I was a teenager... probably 15 or 16. I was at a music festival and there was a girl sitting alone and crying. I asked her if I could pray for her. That was the first time I really felt the power of Jesus in me and I'll remember that feeling forever.

2. What has God been teaching you these past 5 months as you've been reading the Bible?
Oh man. A lot. He's teaching me so much about love and patience. He's teaching me that there are things in life that I won't be able to change but that he is never changing and he will always be there to hold me up, no matter what happens. I used to struggle a lot with "the unknown" and the future. But since reading the word every day and hearing over and over again about his promises, I've come to a place where I'm totally okay with the unknown, and that's a good feeling.

3. What are you asking God for in this season of your life?
I'm asking God for healing and for the strength to let go. In the past year and a half I've dealt with a lot of anxiety. I don't even know why exactly. But there was a point when I let it completely take over. And now I'm in a place where it's not running my life anymore. I'm still trying to figure out how to trust in the Lord completely and to let go. It's taken time. All of that anxiety did a lot of damage. But I feel like the season I'm in now is a good one. Those of you who've dealt with anxiety know where I'm at. But God is so good and he does bring healing... sometimes it just takes us a while to figure out how to accept it.

4. What does your reading time look like?
I usually read in the morning while I'm eating breakfast. It's hard to get good "quiet time" in with two little ones running around. But I've kept up on my reading and I'm really enjoying it. I've fallen behind a few times and had to spend a few hours catching up on reading. Abd I'm totally loving the Old Testament.

5. How has God made you unique?
Hmmm... One thing I've learned about myself as I get older is that God has given me a crazy love for people. I have such a big heart for people. And I'm learning to really love that about myself and to use that gift. I'm finding that God allows me to connect with pretty much anyone and everyone and I love that. I always feel such a strong love for people no matter what and I'll find a way to connect with them or get to know them. This is cool for me, because growing up I was pretty shy. So I like this about me now.

Thank you so much, sweet Erin. Keep on running towards God-- you are an inspiration to so many!


Shar Lee See Uh said...

That's a beautiful "interview"! What an encouragement.

Rachael said...

Yay! I LOVED reading about you Erin. You are gorgeous and infinitely interesting.
Also thanks for doing this nifty featuring-people thing, Emery. It's good to be reminded of all the real people we're reading along with everyday.

molly june. said...

i love your blog, erin! you are so inspiring :) i'm not a runner, but i feel like i get a good workout when i read your blog! ha! God is doing sweet things in you. yay God! :)