Jan 23

Genesis 41-42
Psalm 21
Matthew 26


Emery Jo said...

the story of the woman with the expensive perfume always stirs me. I always picture my heart in the place of that alabaster jar and I find myself unwilling to pour it all out on Jesus' head. To 'waste' it all so.

The practical part of me (that money could have been spent on the poor! that heart could get broken! protect yourself just in case He doesn't come through!) holds some of me back from Him- but
He doesn't want mere drops of me... He wants the whole jar! turned upside-down with abandon!

lord help me get to that place of extravagant trust and love!!

Emery Jo said...

(oops this is for yesterday's passage. sorry!)

Christopher Clark said...

Joseph was in prison for 2 years before Pharaoh called for him. I can't imagine 2 days false imprisonment in our modern well kept prisons, let alone 2 years in a pit. What a mature faith Joseph had.

I pray for the kind of faith that allows me to run from temptation with my eyes set on the Kingdom to come, and for faith that endures trials, even to the point of prison or death.

Christopher Clark said...

Oh...and again... the amazing parallels!

Jesus resisting temptation in the garden of Gethsemene. Joseph resisting temptation to lay with Potifer's wife.

psalm 21. again, a prayer probably not far from Joseph's lips when he was pulled from prison and promoted to Pharaoh's right hand man.