Jan 4

Genesis 7-8
Psalm 4
Matthew 6


Christina said...

I'm joining in, got some catching up to do. But I look forward to doing this with all the ladies!!

Melanie said...

In Mathew 6:25, it's all about not worrying. This is something that I struggle with. My mind always tends to jump to the negatives, thank goodness my husband has such a positive outlook on things."Do not worry about your life.." But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you." God has me in His hands and is for me! He is for us! I love the comfort and peace He gives!

I don't know about ya'll but just reading the Bible gives me a sense of peace! Just within these past few days, I feel so much more in tune with God (if that makes sense!)

molly june. said...

this past year has been a doozy for me. all of a sudden i can't sleep without some kind of pill. i have been so anxious. my mind just won't turn off.

for new years, my dad challenged me to pray for peace before i go to bed. no sleeping pills. then today psalm 4:8 got me! 'in peace i will both lie down & sleep, for you alone make me dwell in safety.' man oh man! and THEN, matt 6 talks about worry & anxiety & giving it all to God. hmmm, are you trying to tell me something God? i think i just got a good kick in the pants. God is all the peace i need.

2 nights in a row i've had peaceful sleep without a pill just by asking for his peace. (i cheated last night with some melatonin) but still, it's a start. thank you Lord!

MoMar said...

Good for you, Molly June !! I struggle with worry, too. My mind goes 100 mph with worry about what might happen. If it never happens, I worry once. If it does happen, I get to worry twice. I'm going to read Matthew 6 again.

autumn said...

I am almost six weeks post baby and whenever I get a moment to sleep I lay there and worry. These chapters smacked me in the face with the safety that God delivers. I slept like a little one this morning, with my baby cuddled up next to me. Melanie I feel just like you, just these few days of structured reading and I feel refreshed and closer to God than I have in years. I am so excited to see what I will continue to learn.

LauraS said...

"I have found that you are the only one in the world who does right."

I have to be honest this passage troubles me. This man and his family are the only ones worthy. If I had been there, would I have been worthy. I worry that I wouldn't be.

Emery Jo said...

The passage about worry really spoke to me too. Especially the part where God says the birds don't sow or reap or store up in barns, and yet He feeds them.

Part of me wonders if I trust more in savings accounts than I do in God. HE alone is my provider!

I am praying that all of us will sleep deeply in peace this entire year. Pills be damned! hurrah!!!

Christopher Clark said...

I too was rocked by the "Do not be anxious passage." I have read it many many times, but this time it sunk in on a certain level for me. Although I am not currently anxious about this, I tend to get really anxious about body ailments. Like if I have a weird pain in my leg or a strange headache, or my eye is twitching, or my heart races a little. There are times when a small thing like that can send me into weeks of being concerned for my life. I know it probably sounds silly...but it's true. It's like this fear that something major is going to go wrong in my body. The strange thing about it is that I don't fear death itself, just the getting there I guess. As I read this passage yesterday I felt a peace come over me. I will hang on to that peace next time my mind tries to send me down the path of anxiousness.

I confessed this to my doctor a few months back, particularly that I worry about being around paint all the time since I paint houses for a living. His response, " Chris, if this is what the Lord has for you, He will give you strength and sustain you."

wow. great stuff!

"do not be anxious about your life."

Laura said...

LOVE IT! I too am a chronic worrier. "Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?" has always hit home for me. So many others have said it, but Jesus said it first and most importantly.

M i n t a y a said...
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bethany said...

This rocked me, Psalm 4:3 "Yahweh listens when I call him."

He doesn't just hear me crying out to Him, he listens for my voice.

Charlotte said...

what struck me about these passages was in psalm 4:4 - "search your hearts and be silent." (emphasis is my own.) echoing what everyone else has said so far, this passage reminds me that God is in control. yes, search your heart, yes think about things, but then remember God is all-powerful, and let your heart be silent.