Jan 24

Genesis 43-44
Psalm 22:1-18
Matthew 27-28


KillerB said...

It's difficult for me to read about the crucifixion and know that Jesus COULD have stopped everything (the torture, the pain, the humiliation, the heartbreak...) at any moment. But he stayed and endured. Out of love for us and obedience to the Father.

I'm reminded of this quote by Margaret Bottome:
"Christ's triumph was IN his humiliation. And perhaps our triumph will also be revealed through what others see as humiliation."

I daresay that we all know brokenness that exposes our vulnerability and exploits our pride. On some level, everyone has accidentally wet one's bed at a slumber party, or lost one's eyebrows to chemo, or experienced the degradation of rape. We know humiliation.

Unlike Jesus, in the depths of my disgrace, if given the power to make it all stop, I think I would have done so.

But Christ endured! And he is now my strength so that IN my sickness, or shame, or betrayal, I can cling to my faith and praise His name.

Christopher Clark said...

well put KillerB.

I have been rocked by those same thoughts all day!

In particular, Jesus' loneliness and desire for his closest friends to be close to him in his desperate hour, only to find them nodding off and sleeping. His plea for them to keep watch and pray with him, only to be let down.

I know I would have not done any better in the disciples shoes. I would have been saying, "Jesus, just chill and get some rest. We will deal with this in the morning."
or something that I thought was all wise and what not.

It is such a reminder and example of how we desperately need to be in constant pray and communion with the Father. Not our will, but His will be done in us and through us. The Father is our source and our strength to withstand the lies, deceit, and temptation our adversary Satin, throws our way.
It also makes me want to be a better friend and fight for those whom I love in their hour of desperation. On my knees beside them in the wee hours of the morning in prayer and support.

Lord have mercy on me, a selfish sinner, concerned always about myself before others. Even though my actions may sometimes appear as thought I am not, my heart, left unchecked always defaults to self.