Featured Reader: Rachael !

I'd like you all to meet our first featured reader, Rachael!

I asked Rachael a few questions so we could get to know her better. :)

1. The story of You & God:

I was 5 when my dad led me through my first prayer to accept God into my heart. I was fourteen when my faith became truly mine but it wasn't until I was 18 that I was truly tested. I was surrounded by non-believers as an undergrad and while no one tempted me away from God, it seemed harder and harder to make time for the word and fellowship. Since then, I've gotten into the habit of trying to do life on my own, forgetting that there is Someone who loves me and wants to carry my burdens. I've just moved from California to upstate NY and the move to a new, strange (and cold) place was the last push necessary to get me to start making the changes I needed to... I've found a church, joined a small group and this blog.

2.What did God do in 2009? What are your hopes for 2010?
In 2009, God demanded I stop putting Him on the back-burner. It became abundantly clear that to live my life for anything but Him was not going to fill that proverbial hole in my heart. There were many times I felt alone, powerless and depressed. It was at those same times that I was reminded of what could change those feelings. I was reminded what I was craving and what I could have. He also sent me here, to upstate NY. In 2010 I hope to return to a close bond with my creator. I want to start and end each day with meditation on His plan for me. I want to think of others more, stop stressing out and get really involved in church.

3. Any tips for how to stay on track with the readings?
It's hard to say what keeps me on task reading since I've just started... I might be better able to answer it in a few months but I can tell you what's worked the past couple days. When I wake up, the thought of reading God's word makes me excited because I know the peace I have after each reading and I love having something to think about each day. It makes every day epically different despite the same routines. And having that reading be a bite-sized chunk means it's no longer overwhelming, as it has felt in the past. And I sit in front of my space-heater and that helps.

4. What does church life look like for you now?
The church I'm currently attending is The Father's House in Rochester, NY (http://www.tfhny.org/). I'm pretty new there and so I'm still feeling it out. I like some aspects of mega-churches, for example how there are lots of ways to get involved, so many people to meet and always constant events but I also miss my home church of PBCC (http://www.pbcc.org/) where people knew me and cared about me and it felt more like a community.

5. Any funny, random facts you're willing to share with us?
I've been in a straight-jacket (don't worry, I was five and didn't want stitches so I tried to run away from the hospital). I've moved every three years until I was 19 and I flew from LA to SF every other weekend for the four years of high school to see my dad and brother. I love photography (love, love, love) but I'm getting my PhD in Neuroscience (go figure!). I collect tiny things, love toasters and The Mountain Goats.


Thanks for answering my questions, Rachael!

Oh, and you all MUST MUST check out Rachael's amazing photography. COMPLETELY INCREDIBLE!!


KG said...

Neuroscience? Ok I don't normally (ever) say this but... You go girl!!! Wow I instantly love Rachel! ;) By the way, emery, this is melyni. I want to keep my blog anonymous from my friends and family. I invited a few people to join this effort and that's why I didn't associate it to my blog. :)

stina said...

i sit by my space heater to read, too :)

autumn said...

Wow, you are smart, beautiful, creative and oh so talented! What huge gifts you have :) I am so encouraged by your bravery to move and get connected to God and fellowship to quickly. Way to go!

Rachael said...

Thanks Emery for featuring me and thank you everyone, I'm flattered beyond words by your kind comments and oh so encouraged. What a way to make me feel welcome here. This year is going to be great, I know it! Can't wait to get to know the rest of you better.
Thank you.

Charlotte said...

Emery's right... your photography is crazy good! I'm only a little jealous... :)

Laura said...

Neuroscience AND photography - my kind of woman!! Welcome, Rachael!

molly june. said...

hi rachael! i'm so happy to be able to connect with girls like you this year! :)

p.s. your eyes are KILLER! :) so beautiful!

bethany said...

Rachael, I think you are fascinating and lovely.