Featured Reader: Katie !

1. What is your 'God Story'?
My God story is that I was raised in a "believing, but not practicing" home and got serious with Jesus right before I left to attend a Nazarene university. At first I believed everything the school taught me and I became a huge feminist and didn't want to get married or anything. I got really off track with my views, until having a crazy summer with God where He showed me how real He was. I took a road trip with my friends to Nashville for an event where there was a day of prayer in a football stadium and on the whole way there we worshipped God and I was able to encounter angels, hear God's voice for the first time, get physically healed from an incurable disease I had, and God taught me how to prophesy. I wasn't going to a charismatic church or anything, I just wanted more of Jesus and after fasting before that road trip, that's what God presented me with and I've never been the same since :) Now I want to encounter God every day, even if it's just hearing Him say one thing. I don't know if I could be a Christian without feeling Him ever day now.

2. What are you asking God for?
At this time in my life I'm honestly asking God for a family. I've had dreams and visions of my future daughter and you really begin to miss someone you see a lot in your dreams. I know the man I'll marry (although we're still on a friends level) so it feels like something that's real and within my reach, but it's just not God's timing. After being such a feminist in college, God healed that and restored me back to what He wants for my life. More than anything I want to raise five children and help them to encounter Jesus. I want to be one of the women the Bible speaks of who is a complete helpmate to her husband. While I'm home with my family I want to start a magazine about miracles God's doing throughout the world to encourage the Body and keep us in our childlike faith :) I want to use my gifts while being busy with my family.

3. What helps you stay on task with your reading?
Seeing everyone's comments helps me stay on task because it feels like constant accountability. Also, the fact that there's not an hour of reading, or anything crazy like that. It's manageable and I try to have order by doing it the same time each day so there's some consistency.

4. What is your church life like?
My church life has consisted of church-hopping since I just moved back home after graduating, but I found somewhere in Orange County that I love and will keep going when I move up there in a few months. Church is where I feel covered spiritually, where I feel protected and secure. I love the home group I attend each week because I feel like I can finally breathe when there people who are hungry for God around me. Honestly, there are a lot of churches I've been to in the last year, and it is hard attending a place where people don't feel free to dance or encounter God. Church for me has to be somewhere where I can celebrate the Lord.

5. Any funny, random facts you'd want to share?
Yes, I love nail pollish--I'm obsessed with OPI (seriously, check it out). I'm sort of vegan, but still trying to give up sweets, and I love learning more about eating healthy. I just went snowboarding with all my guy friends and told them I was totally capable, even though I hadn't been in ten years. They ended up taking me down the steepest mountain and I ate it all the way down, with my makeup ending up halfway down my face to where it looked like I couldn't handle it and had been crying. I decided just to fall all the way down and even got a lovely compliment from a girl that came up to me and said, "Wow, that was an awesome face plant."

Thank you so much, Katie! What an encouraging story you have! It reminds me that God can do anything.... so amazing!

Check out Katie's awesome blog right here ! :)


KillerB said...

I like the pink nail polish you're wearing in your cute picture, Katie!

Laura said...

Awesome! I'm glad you've joined us, Katie! Love the snowboarding story, hehe.

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