Featured Reader: molly june!

1. What is your earliest memory of God (or what you now know was God?)

My story is pretty simple. I was blessed to have parents who loved God & served Him with their lives, & I wanted what they had at a very young age. I don’t even remember the exact moment I gave my heart to God, but I do know that I was the kid asking Him to come into my heart over & over again…probably every Sunday...just to be sure.:) My earliest memories involve Sunday school & church camps & singing & sharing about Jesus with my neighbors as we skated around the neighborhood. It was bliss :)

2. Was there a person in your life who helped you find Him? Who was that person and how did they help you?
Well, like I said, I grew up surrounded by a family & a church family that loved the Lord. They were constantly pointing me to Jesus. I think I really found him for myself in high school though. That is when I chose to follow Him with my whole heart. Something clicked one day while we were on a missions trip in Mexico & all of a sudden I got it! I had my aha! moment. I understood my sin; I understood His love & forgiveness for me! I wanted to serve him with my life. He was so real. touchable. changing me. My high school years & college years were some of the best of my life! I had some key people invest in me & take the time to nurture me & teach me how to walk with God. I was surrounded by people who were excited about Jesus. It was awesome.
Also, now that I really think about it, I think my kids have helped me find God again too. They make me want to know him more. Having kids has opened my eyes to so much more of God’s heart. more than ever.

3. What has become your daily (or semi-daily) reading routine for 365 truth?
Not gonna lie, I’ve had a hard time keeping up lately. When I do fall behind, I just start on the right day & try to play catch up later. If I don’t catch up, I don’t kill myself over it. I find when I stick to the same time every day, I stick to it better. If I don’t, I get distracted with the day & then end up too tired or something. So all that to say, I think I’m learning mornings work best for me...first thing.

4. What are some of your quirks or things about you that are unique?
Quirks, huh? :) Well, I went to school to teach, but now that I’ve had kids, I can’t imagine myself ever teaching at an elementary school! Ha! (let’s just say, there might be some missing children by the end of the day!) :) I’ve found a new passion for design/art & maybe one day, I’ll go back to school to pursue that? who knows. People find it unique that I have identical twin girls. Twins don’t run in our family & when we found out we were having twin girls, my husband had to run to the bathroom to throw up. Ha! Ummm, I’ve backpacked Europe with only 2 pairs of pants, a few shirts, & no blow dryer?! Does that count as quirky? ;) Oh, & I can’t sit Indian style to save my life (I’m not flexible like the Indians I guess. bummer.)

5. What is God doing in your life in this season?
Oh man! God has been doing some neat things in my life! He’s been peeling away the dry, stale layers & making me new again. As cheesy as it sounds, I feel like there’s been a revolution in my heart! He’s shaking me up! Last year I couldn’t sleep without a sleeping pill for the life of me! I was so anxious all of the time; my mind wouldn’t shut off.
[Rewind a bit]
After having my girls, I struggled with my relationship with God. I felt lost. I didn’t know what I was doing...where I fit in anymore. I was so used to always being involved somewhere, serving in some way, living this cookie cutter Christian life. Now that I was a mom, I had no clue how to serve. Audrey & Ellie were needy babies. They were preemie, colicky..& there was TWO OF THEM!! Ahhhh! Suddenly, my life was turned upside down! Like most moms, I could no longer make it through a church service without a screaming baby. Trying to be involved in anything required commitment, & in my mind, I just couldn’t commit to anything anymore.
If I knew what I know now, I would’ve relaxed a bit more (ya think?)...given myself a bit more grace…allowed myself to just be a new mom without the pressure I was constantly putting on myself! Instead of asking for help, I hid. I tried to focus on this new “season,” my new family of 4, but instead, became pretty depressed, & without realizing it, I was pushing God away. I quit caring about people. I was so easily irritated. I didn’t want to give anymore. My joy was depleted.
[Fast forward]
By the end of last year, I was physically & emotionally done. I was making myself sick over it. One day in my car, I pulled over & cried out for God to change me! I didn’t want to be this person I had become anymore! I told him how sorry I was & asked him for joy again! I prayed for peace, for new purpose, for restoration, for life again! I would go or do whatever he asked of me. I said yes.
In December, my dad challenged me to ask God for sleep again. Homie say what?! I definitely had some trust issues. I had a few crazy dreams where I felt like God was promising me something, but I would wake up right before I knew what it was. Then it hit me! God was promising me PEACE! I asked for peace for the New Year & he gave me peace. Imagine that. Long story short (well, kinda. ha!), I have been sleeping like a baby since Jan 1st! No pills! I have been learning so much from this study & I am so excited for what God is doing in me, through me, & all around me! I am still a work in progress, that’s for darn sure, but God has been so gracious to me. He is faithful. & I am so thankful.

(Sorry for that book there. Thanks for letting me share!) :)


Thank you so much, molly! You are completely delightful. I can't even tell you how encouraged I am by what God is doing in your life... what a great start to a new year!! It reminds me that God really can give fresh starts in PRACTICAL ways!


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KillerB said...

Thanks for sharing, Molly-- that's really cool.

KillerB said...

Thanks for sharing, Molly-- that's really cool.

sufferingsummer said...

Very Encouraging and sounds rather familiar ;)
I love following your blog and am so glad you are reading along here too!

Laura said...

Yay Molly!! Love it! :)

stina said...

i'm excited to read this when i get a chance! i follow mollyjunes blog on tumblr. fun and pretty :) my friends always 'like' (you know, clicking on the little heart symbol) and reblog her posts that i reblog. :)