Feb 5

Exodus 15-16
Psalm 33
Mark 12


Emery Jo said...

I love the story of the woman giving a fraction of a penny's worth into the offering- and Jesus seeing the true worth of what she had given.

It's so easy for us to think that we don't have enough to give from... that we don't have enough excess to do anything worth mentioning.

The kingdom of God is not measured in numbers, but in heart.

I wonder how many times I have missed out on an opportunity to bless God and bring Him glory, simply because I thought it would stretch ME too thin. What selfishness! What blinded eyes!

Help me God to give ALL that I have, knowing you will provide abundantly for me in any need!!

molly june. said...

i love the story of the manna. it says the people kept grumbling & God heard them.

i am definitely a grumbler. "but, Go-od? what about this? what about that?" grumble grumble whine whine worry worry fear fear. even in the midst of the grumbling, God shows up. vs 35 says they ate the manna for forty years. FORTY YEARS. morning by morning God provided. wow.

Lord, increase my faith!

Christopher Clark said...

What a crazy song the Israelites sang. I love this mention of song, dance, and praise in Exodus.

sheila watson said...

there was a church in bakersfield that sang that song..i cried everytime!