Feb 10

Exodus 26-27
Psalm 37:23-40
Luke 1


Emery Jo said...

I am amazed at the detail and beauty of the tabernacle in the wilderness. It was such a mercy of God towards those people in that time. But, like everything in scripture, it wasn't just for their benefit. We can learn a lot about God by studying the tabernacle. Each piece is a symbol of God's redemption story!

Here are some things I have learned in the past about the tabernacle-

*Jesus is seen as the "door", the "Way".
*We are cleansed by the water of the Word (the basin).
*Our lives are now offered as living sacrifices.
*The Light of God's Word is a lampstand to us.
*Fellowship (bread on the table) with God.
*Prayers (altar of Incense) offered to God.
*Now we stand at the veil, awaiting its removal, so that we may enter into full communion with Him.

This is just a basic list from what I can remember, but it still blows me away at how intricately connected Gods Word is from beginning to end. So beautiful!!

Emery Jo said...

Also, I LOVE this verse in Luke 1:

"Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished!"
-Lk 1:45

yes yes yes!

KillerB said...

Oh wow-- that's really cool, Emery. I had never heard of the symbolism that you pointed out in the tabernacle. That's really beautiful.

I love when John leaps in Elizabeth's womb when Mary comes to visit. Such a sacred and precious moment between those women.

It's nice to revisit these moments in our daily readings that display true women of God (as well as the men of God, I mean.)

Kristy said...

Thanks for clearing that up for me, Emery. While reading the detail of the tabernacle all I could think was "this is major micro management", but I started to realize that this was the only way God could live among men and guide them. To have you point out the beautiful symbolism as well really helps me.

stina said...

i remember reading about the tabernacle a long time ago and feeling the same way...trying to really picture it in my imagination helps to go beyond just reading lists of instruction and guidelines for the building...