Feb 15

Exodus 35-36
Psalm 42
Luke 6


molly june. said...

i've gotten SO behind this week for some reason! & now it seems overwhelming & impossible to catch up! what's crazy is that my week was pretty terrible because of it. boo. i noticed a huge change. i need this & can't wait to join ya'll again. here..i..gooooooo! toot! toot!

any suggestions how to catch up? or do i just start from today? i'm thinkin' that. okay, rambling again. bye.

sheila watson said...

hey miss molly june..if i get too behind..i just start with the new days reading..then go back and play catch up..then i'm not further behind..:)

Emery Jo said...

yes! don't ever feel swamped by being behind! Just pick up where we are and you'll get to the stuff you missed along the way. No guilt necessary! :)

Luke 6-- whenever I read the Beatitudes I feel that sharp sensation of conviction deep in my soul. It is a feeling I am growing to love... to be challenged and shown ways I can love and serve God better. What a blessing it is when God stirs up the stagnant waters in my heart!!

I feel like, currently, I am more on the 'woe' list than the 'blessed' list. I pray that God will strengthen me and teach me to spend myself more fully for His Kingdom, while I am here so briefly on this earth.