Feb 2

Exodus 10-11
Psalm 30
Mark 9


KillerB said...

"For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime; weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning."

You are loved.

Katie said...

I was about to point out that verse, too, Killer B!

Does anyone know why Jesus said the possessed boy could only be healed with prayer, yet Jesus commanded him to be healed and didn't necessarily pray?

KillerB said...

Katie, I was wondering the same thing. Here are my thoughts:

I think that Jesus was constantly in communion with God. (I think we humans strive for that sort of consistant spiritual union, and prayer is the way that we can be proactive in achieving that). And we know that God gave Jesus the power to perform any miracles.

It sounds like the father of the boy was struggling with disbelief. To me, the difference between this story and the other miracles we've read about is that the others who came to Jesus for healing BELIEVED that he could heal them BEFORE he performed the miracle.

I think that the father's unbelief is what kept the disciples from being able to cast the demon out. Satan doesn't want to release his slaves from torment, and it's only by the power and authority of God that we're able to triumph over Satan.

To me, this story showed a man struggling with doubt, who came to Jesus and laid his uncertainty at his feet, and Christ's grace was sufficient for him.

(Ha, I don't know if that's an answer for you! Sorry!)