The Old Testament: How Could God Have DONE That?

Okay, I feel like John Piper has brought such clarity and truth and grace to the topic of the Old Testament God in this video that I had to share it.

I know the Old Testament can be hard to read through, and many of us read these stories and think, "How could God DO that!?" I know I find myself thinking that a lot. I thought this might help some of us who are struggling with those thoughts and finding it hard to reconcile the God of then with the God of now. (He is the same yesterday, today, and forever!)

Let's discuss: What do you think about what Piper has to say?


sheila watson said...

when chuck was killed i had to come to terms with the fact that God had allowed him to die..i absolutely knew he could have saved him and i knew he wasn't going to..i prayed so hard but in my heart i knew he was gone..i had to trust the Lord with everything in me..even to this day He continues to show me His sovereignty and He wants me know He knew..i know..i trust Him..how different my life is..and i still miss him..and my life is in His hands..

Emery Jo said...

sheila- I can't even IMAGINE having to walk out that trust on such a deep down level like you did...like you still ARE doing... You are like a banner for the truth of His love and His faithfulness. You have affected so many people with your life and story (including me), and by your faithfulness to God, you've allowed Chuck's life to affect and bless multitudes through you.

So amazing. So honoring to God and Chuck.

Thank you for sharing.

Kristy said...

That's pretty enlightening to me. God owes us nothing and we should have been dead ... yesterday. Wow.

sufferingsummer said...

I couldn't agree more with how clearly he states God's sovereignty as complete and outside the realm of human boundaries and expectations.

Common Grace....that statement "but by the grace of God go I..."
My Grandmother used to say it all the time...I long for the day when I live it out as well as my Grandmother did for I surely believe it as strongly.
...you are right Kristy...WOW.
Thanks for sharing this Emery.