Feb 22

Leviticus 8-9
Psalm 49
Luke 13

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Emery Jo said...

It's such an awesome reminder to me... all the blood everywhere and on everything in Leviticus... of how precious the blood of Jesus is to me. Because of HIM, I don't have to make continual sacrifices anymore-- I am FREE! I don't have to live like that, in fear and trembling and up to my elbows in atonement blood! Praise God.

Our Psalm from today says it well: "No man can redeem the life of another or give God a ransom for him-- the ransom for a life is TOO COSTLY, no payment is ever enough."

Thank you, Jesus for humbling yourself and becoming enough for us!!!!

Also, that SAME fire that came out of the presence of the Lord and burnt up all the offerings on the altar is in me today! His Spirit is in ME!! No tabernacle required! No poles, No arks, No basins for washing, no lampstands or garments or courtyards....

HE resides in ME!


He is pleased to be with ME! Just as I am!

I feel like the Israelites did in Leviticus 9... I want to shout for joy and fall down on my face.