Feb 25

Leviticus 14
Psalm 52
Luke 16


Sasha said...

quick question...leprosy of the body and dwelling: what are they really talking about? all this can't be simply about diseases of the skin and...house. to be honest my eye started skimming the treatments and such and it was a struggle to focus on the old testament the last couple of days. please enlighten me!

Emery Jo said...

sasha- I found this commentary helpful:


Basically, leprosy can represent sin- and can help us see how to act towards those in sin, and how to act towards those who are truly repentant.

Check out the link, I think it will help make sense of it all!


Kristy said...

I was really struggling with the message in the Parable of the Crooked Manager, but the site you suggested for Sasha really helped with that, too. Thanks, Emery !!

stina said...

i'm going to check out that commentary too.
i'd like to know more about, if any, the significance of using those same few items for the cleansing (same type of birds, hyssop-was it hyssop?-etc)
i like that there was a more affordable option. interesting.