Feb 14

Exodus 33-34
Psalm 41
Luke 5


Kristy said...

It cracks me up how Aaron says that he just threw all that gold into the fire and out popped the golden calf ! It sounds like the same problem we all have with taking personal responsibility and admitting our weaknesses and mistakes.

Emery Jo said...

It's crazy- I just heard someone speak about this passage last night.

He was pointing out the fact that God told Moses, "Okay, go ahead and enter the Promised land. I will wipe out your enemies and there will be milk and honey and you'll have an angel to guide you and you'll all be taken care of. You get to have it all. But... I am not going to go with you."

And Moses was like, wait... what? And Moses says, "If your Presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here."

Moses would have been happier to remain in the desert if it meant that God would be with him. He refused comfort and ease and demanded God.

Why did he do this? Because he KNEW God. He knew Him intimately, as a friend. He wanted God to teach him more about Himself so he could KNOW him even more. (ex 33:13) He knew what life would be like without God, because he KNEW what life was like with Him. And he didn't want any part of it!

I want to know God like that. REALLY know Him.